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The Privacy Policy

This Company places a high value on your privacy and protecting your personal data. We use the most advanced technology, as well as strict guidelines when processing your information, in order to offer you confidentiality.

This Privacy Policy is an important aspect of our Terms and Conditions and tells you how the ways in which we gather and use personal data. If also shows you how to change and share your personal information on the site.

Anytime you use the services offered by the site, you agree to the Company gathering, using and transferring your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Never provide us with personal data or use the site if you do not agree with these terms.

This Privacy Policy applies to the site, any apps or messages, services and products of the Company. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information about terms of use.

Data Collection
Your interaction and the services you choose determine the type of data the Company collects. Refer to the following for more information about the data we gather and use:

Contact details. This includes the Customer’s email address, telephone number, address and first and last name.

To protect the Customer’s identity, fight fraud and process transactions:
● A copy of the payment document which can be from an online bank with other information hidden
● Copy of the Customer’s credit card with all but the last 4 numbers hidden

Account information. The information collected includes how a Customer buys services and products, transaction history, payment data, which services a Customer uses, and other information relevant to the Customer’s account.

Preferences. The Company may also gather data regarding your preferences and interests as they relate to the Company, your preferred language and how you prefer to get information from the Company.

Data that is collected automatically. Anytime the site is used, the Company is able to automatically collect data, some of which can be personal information. This includes language preferences, location, type of device, operating system, IP address, requested URL, logins and login times, status reports, results of the site visit, which version of the browser is used, search history, kinds of data that is searched for and any addresses that directed a Customer to the site.

To reduce the risk of identification, the Company may also use pseudonymization or depersonalization systems and their applicable technologies. Read more.

Personal information of children. The date of birth is not a type of data that is collected by the Company. Because age cannot be determined, anyone under 16 years of age must have parental consent before using the site or to share their personal data on the site.

If the parent of guardian of a child is concerned that their child may have shared their personal data on the site, please contact us right away at

Purpose of Data and How it’s Used
The main reason for collecting the above-mentioned types of data is to improve the Customer experience and manage customer relationships.

Examples of how this data might be used include:

A. Order Completion. Personal information is used to verify a Customer’s identity and how it’s connected to the Order.
B. Support. Providing assistance to the Customer and answering any questions they might have.
C. Marketing. Personal data is used for marketing only as allowed by the law. When the Customer accepts these terms, they agree to receive agreements, notifications, updates and information about new products and services, specials and discounts, as well as anything else the Company deems useful to the Customer. Anytime a message is sent, a link is included that allows the Customer to opt out of the messages. A Customer can email the Company for more help with this.
D. Improvement and research. This allows the Company to create new service and products and to improve the function and quality of the site.
E. Security and fraud prevention. Information, including personal data, is used to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal activities. It’s also used to investigate possible instances of fraud, for security, risk assessment and verifying payments and users.
F. Company Activity. This includes normal business operations, including training, management and quality control.
G. Compliance and legal issues. This includes implementing laws, order, regulations and any requests from law enforcement or other authorities, which allows the Company to provide services, to protect both the Company and the Customer, and to effectively settle Customer disputes.

Legal Basis
We rely on these terms for the fulfillment of A and B in the following ways: processing personal data to meet the contract with the Company. This might include identifying the Customer when an order is placed or to contact the Customer in order to fulfill the Order.

In terms of C - G, information is used for legitimate interests, which may include posting the most up to date information on the site, within emails and newsletters, to promote and improve services, for legal and administrative reasons, and to watch for fraud. We always try to balance the Customer rights with the interests of the Company in order to protect data and both parties involved - the Company and the Customer.

In regard to G, the Company relies on their responsibility to meet the law.
Please email the Company to dispute any uses outlined above at

Data storage duration
Your personal data is stored as long as necessary to fulfill an Order, provide a service, follow the applicable law, settle disputes, to operate the business and to prevent fraud or other illegal activities.

Sometimes this data is stored in a depersonalized or aggregated form (such as visit data for the site).

All data the Company stores is governed by the Privacy Policy. Contact the Company for more information about data storage at

Rights of the Customer
The Customer has the right by law to delete, change, correct any outdated or incorrect data, supplement or stop the use of personal data by contact the Company via email.

These requests may sometimes be rejected in cases of access making other Customer’s data made known, or when the Company cannot legally disclose or share information.

The Company will need to identify you and could ask for more information to grant a request.

You have the right not to provide personal data to the Company but choosing not to do so the Company may not be able to provide the requested service or answer questions or concerns.

The website can be viewed with registration, but registering is required to place an Order.

The Customer is solely responsible for providing accurate and complete information.

Data Security
The Company employs reasonable physical, administrative, and technical security measures when gathering and processing data in order to prevent disclosure or unauthorized access to the Customer’s personal data and to make sure it’s used properly.

A reliable and secure online payment system from is used by the Company for all online transactions. This protects credit card information. However, the Company cannot guarantee that this data is not disclosed in instances out of its control.

The Company does not accept liability for any indirect of direct damages that occur as a result illegal use of a Customer’s personal data by a third party.

The Customer must adhere to all security regulations and should not share registration information with a third party. A Customer must protect his own registration information, including password and login data. A Customer is solely responsible for any account visit to the site.

The site sometimes contains links to other sites, which are not controlled or operated by the Company and are not held by this Privacy Policy. The Company takes no responsibility for the content of these sites or the products, services or offers contained on them. The Customer should read the privacy policy for any site visited.

Dissemination of Data
Personal data is only transferred in the following ways:

Transfer within the Company. Personal data may be shared by Company entities in other countries only for reasons described in this Privacy Policy. These Company divisions may not use the data for any other purpose and are required to conduct themselves in compliance with this Privacy Policy and employ security measures to protect it.

Transfer to service providers. No Customer information is given to the Writers. Customer information in regard to the Order, including its description and necessary files, is only visible to the Writer once an Order is paid for. The Company takes no liability for information shared by the Customer to the Writer. The Company discourages a Customer from giving any personal data to the Writer, including payment data. More information can be found in the Terms and Conditions .

The Company sometimes uses servers and resources in other countries, third parties that detect fraud, process payments, advertising, marketing, customer support, email, website management and IT services for operation. That means Customer data may cross international borders in places that do not use Company services and where there are no laws regarding protecting personal data or where laws may differ regarding personal data. The Company takes steps to ensure that such transfers are legal, and that personal information is protected according to the law.

Legislation compliance. Personal information may be shared with law enforcement or agencies of the government as required by law or when necessary to detect, prevent or stop fraud and other illegal activities.

Data to third parties. The Company does not share or sell personal data to third parties. Any data shared with other companies falls under their privacy policy and will be used accordingly. This may differ from this Company’s policies.

Contact information
Any questions or concerns about data use and collection or about the Privacy Policy can be addressed to the Company via email.

All communications are confidential, and a representative will reach out in a timely manner to answer questions.

Privacy Policy Changes
Anytime a new Privacy Policy is adopted, it will be posted for review on the website.