Are law degrees and qualifications in the law industry some of the most difficult in the world? No, they are not. The reason the failure rate is so high is because in an effort to create situations where there is no ambiguity, lawmakers have created a language that needs learning before you can even start to understand the concepts behind the law. After learning this new language, you need to learn about the many laws that affect other laws and how they all interconnect. Corporations, action groups and trade unions have bullied and bribed lawmakers to add different laws to the point where the amount a law student has to learn is legendary.
Are law essay assignments as difficult as biochemical engineering jobs, programming courses, or even as difficult as surviving tours as a member of the military? No, law essays are not as difficult as those jobs or many other jobs, but the sheer weight of work that is involved makes any assignment a daunting prospect for any law student. This is even truer if the law student in question wishes to get a higher mark. There are certain people who coast through their law degrees and qualifications by putting in as little effort as possible and making a barely passable effort. Such students rarely achieve great heights in their career and are often found in basement offices trying to sell no-win no-fee services to the desperate, downtrodden and dumb.

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