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The digital personnel file for SAP

the digital employee file for SAP

Work contracts, letters of reference, personnel master data – the SAP®-based easy digital personnel file provides information on every employee. It bundles all relevant data and documents and dovetails closely with SAP® Human Capital Management® (HCM). A sophisticated security concept based on the SAP® authorization management ensures that sensitive personnel data don’t wind up in the wrong hands. Processes and approval procedures can be started directly from the file – even via smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, if necessary.

Enjoy the benefits of a digital Employee File for SAP

The digital personnel file from easy saves time and money, and bundles resources – and is also the right choice where data protection is concerned. Without additional effort, it can be linked to file view or file check-out with ESS/MSS scenarios and really shines thanks to the new interface designs, such as the integration in the HR Renewal portal and SAP® Fiori® or HTML5.

  • Bundling of all data and documents directly in the SAP® master record in HCM®
  • Fast search and checking for completeness and consistency; full text search
  • Secure access rights through the SAP® roles concept
  • Follow-up, reminder, and memo functions
  • Automatic background processes for ensuring retention deadlines and deletion of documents
  • Mobile access to the file via smartphone or tablet; web-based file based on SAP Fiori / HTML5
  • Increased process efficiency
  • No additional hardware required
  • Other digital HR business processes possible based on the digital file
  • Internal service quality and employer brand are supported
  • Free capacities and resources enable strategic work
  • Relieves the organization and profitability advantage
  • GDPR-compliance is guaranteed
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GDPR-compliant Authorization Concept for HR Departments

How to develop and establish GDPR-compliant work processes in HR using an authorization concept. The focus is on practice and practicability.

The functions of the digital personnel file for SAP HCM at a glance

Location-independent access is possible via SAP® GUI, SAP® Webportal, SAP® Fiori®/HTML5, or the employee portal. The electronic personnel file also supports mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The special security requirements which apply to the handling of files and documents in human resources can be met effortlessly with the digital personnel file. Thus, for example, access rights are controllable down to the level of individual documents via SAP® rights and role management.

Via Employee and Manager Self-Services (ESS/MSS), you can both grant employees and managers access to the file and control the time-limited check-out with limited and logged access via the file check-out. That way, employees can revise their data directly or managers can grant approval and save a trip to the human resources department.

New talents want to make their contributions as full-fledged employees as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is essential to professionalize the systematic orientation and social integration of new employees. Our standard version already includes checklists for activities in the onboarding process, so that you can successfully onboard new employees easily.

All activities in the digital personnel file are continually logged. You receive automatic emails about queue entries as well as a complete history of the last opened file (content). A complete overview of all file processes allows maximum transparency. A report on stored personal data makes the digital personnel file from easy GDPR-ready.

All documents, such as medical certificates, letters of reference, application documents, or even emails can be added easily to the personnel file via drag & drop. In addition, either early archiving via workflow or late archiving via bar code is possible.

The bidirectional integration of the file in SAP® HCM® (on-premises) and is standard. That way, access from both systems is displayed in the same electronic personnel file.

FunctionsFor SAP® HCM®
Flexible files and document structureYes
Search, full text search, completeness checkYes
Document validity and resubmission of documentsYes
Document insertionEarly and late archiving, email and document upload
Automatic insertion of documents from HR processesSAP® HCM®
ESS and MSS scenariosYes
IntegrationSAP® HCM®
User InterfaceVia SAP® GUI, Fiori® Launchpad, NWBc
AuthorizationsSAP® HCM® authorization concept
System requirementsSAP® Netweaver + Archive
Price model
License of lease

the right data in the right hands


Use Digital File and Employee Self-Services

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